Use These 6 Simple Foot Stretches And Get Rid Of Foot Pain Forever

People are aware that our bones are connected to each other in our body. That is the reason why the pain that we feel in one area can lead to problems in other areas as well. For example, the pain that we feel in our feet can cause pain in the legs.

There are more than 25 reasons for feet pain, such as arthritis, bunions, heel spurs, overlapping toes, athlete’s foot, and ingrown toenails. These problems can cause discomfort.

Our feet are actually connected to different points in our body. This is the base of the Chinese reflexology and it says that our feet are the health source in our body.

Because of that, you can find different detox foot baths. They are based on the believing that our feet are the ideal place for toxins elimination. If you want to reduce the pain in your feet you can experiment with different effective and natural stretches and alternatives that can be done in less than five minutes.

Raising the toes

Stand on your feet and elevate the toes. Raise the pinky toe. It should be high as your big toe. Repeat five times on each foot.

Toe lifts

In the same position, lower only your big toe. The other toes should be still up. If you are not able to press the toe down, then only press the pinky toe. Repeat five times on each foot.

Finger and toes

Sit still and place the legs in the front. Point the toes upwards. Now lean forward and use the fingers to pull your toes. Pull them gently. If you find it difficult to make the exercise with both feet at the same time then do it with one foot and afterwards with the other.

Tennis ball rub

For this exercise you will need a tennis ball. Step on the tennis ball and roll the ball under your feet. Press the ball a little bit. Perform the exercise on both feet. Lastly tilt the foot and point your toes towards your knee and gently stretch your toes and point them downwards.

Rock Out

Stand tall, lift your body weight off the inside of your foot and rock the weight to the outside of the foot. Your weight should be on the outside of you foot and you should rock inward. Repeat the exercise 10 times with both feet.

Ankle stretch

Use a stretchy exercise ball. Loop the ball around a chair leg. You can use a table as well. Hook the foot through and rest the foot on the band. Press your toes towards the floor and stretch them well. Repeat 15 times with both feet.

These are some additional tips

You can use these tips for restoring the balance, health and strength of your legs.

• Proper Footwear. Always wear proper footwear. Sometimes you should wear comfortable shoes and forget about high heels and modern shoes. They will help you a lot because they won’t constrict the toes. You should wear shoes that are proper for your foot width. It is also important that your feet breathe. You can wear shoes with leather or mesh. Avoid wearing flip-flops because they can harm your foot.

• Soak your feet in Epsom salts. They are amazing for detoxification of your feet and they can increase the magnesium intake.

• Try yoga. It is great for the entire body and almost all poses star with grounded feet. With yoga you can learn to root your feet and restore your mental state and body balance as well.

• Walk barefoot outside. It is an excellent activity. People know it as earthing as well. It has different health benefits. Our feet are flexible and they are made to grip different uneven surfaces. That is why walking barefoot in the backyard is amazing for your feet.

• Consult a specialist. If you have severe and unbearable feet pain you have to see a doctor. It is possible that you may have to use custom orthotics. They can improve your feet condition.

If you are diabetic, you have to pay attention and take special care of your feet because their health is very important for our well-being.


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