These 6 Workouts Help You Prevent Hunched Shoulders

Tripod Rows 45 Seconds each side
Bird Dog 45 seconds
Tripod Fly 45 seconds each side
Modified Back Bow 45 seconds
Up and Over Press 45 Seconds
Bent Over Ventral Raise 45 Seconds

3 Stretches for Better Posture

Front Arm Swings 20 seconds
Toe Touch Reach 20 seconds
Wall Chest Stretch 20 seconds
Overhead Toe Touch 20 seconds
Downward Dog 20 seconds
Cobra Stretch 20 seconds
Child’s Pose 20 seconds

Here are the video instructions for these better posture workout that will help you to prevent hunched shoulders.

Please do not skip the stretches and use the dumbbells weights with which you feel comfortable. You can start with 2-3kg dumbbells.


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