How To Get Rid of Cellulite Fast

If there’s one thing that’ll make you dread putting on your cycling shorts, it’s cellulite.

Sadly, cycling doesn’t make you immune to the dreaded orange peel look. Though, there isn’t one food that will protect you, there’s a lot of things you can do to improve the situation.

Here’s The Cycling Bug’s guide to getting rid of cellulite.

Fix your diet

A healthy diet is your best defence; increase your intake of fibre and fruit/ veg and reduce the amount of sugar and salt, which may encourage cellulite. Ensure you eat a rainbow of fruit and vegetables, which are high in antioxidants, which help to prevent cell damage. Watch how much alcohol you are consuming as it dehydates you and puts a strain on your liver so it cannot process toxins as well.

Eat more vitamin C

Vitamin C can help to strengthen skin’s connective tissue, which may prevent and reduce appearance of cellulite. Make sure you include a lot of foods high in this essential nutrient; oranges, kiwis, peppers and berries are all great sources.

Get enough protein

Protein helps to strengthen the skin’s connective tissue, collagen fibres, decreasing the appearance of cellulite. Try to consume a good source with every meal and snack. This also helps with weight loss, reducing the size of fat cells. Great sources include chicken, fish, greek yogurt and eggs.

Make sure you include Omega 3

Omega 3 is a type of fat, which boosts circulation and has an anti-inflammatory effect; a double defence against cellulite. Great sources of this nutrient include oily fish, such as salmon and sardines. Salmon oil has been shown to help in the treatment of cellulite. If you are vegetarian you may want to consider a supplement.

Drink plenty of water

Water reduces fluid retention and helps to support your bodies natural detoxification. Drink it instead of sugary, fizzy drinks and drinks with a high caffeine content such as coffee and tea.

Eat more Lecithin-containing foods

Lecithin is a nutrient that may help with skin cell health, reducing cellulite. Include foods containing this nutrient in your diet where possible. Eggs, apples, soy, spinach and peanuts are all good sources.

Do both cardio and weights

Exercise helps to improve circulation, which also helps to decrease cellulite. The combination of cardio and weights will also decrease body fat and increase lean muscle mass. Keep active in the day too; if you have a desk job ensure you get up and move around regularly.

Wear a different kind of underwear

Tight underwear may put you more at risk of cellulite. Women are especially guilty of wearing underwear that is too tight and therefore interferes with circulation to cellulite-protein areas. Wear looser underwear, which does not leave marks on skin after you remove it.


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