How to Get a Small Waist in 2 Weeks

Having a smaller waist improves the way you feel about yourself and benefits your health. Excess fat in the waist increases your risk of heart attacks, diabetes and high blood pressure. Endless situps and crunches tone the stomach muscles, but don’t reduce the fat layer that’s hiding those stomach muscles. To get a smaller waist, a reduction of your overall body fat is required. To see results in as little as two weeks, adjust the type of exercise you do to get the maximum benefits.

Step 1

Eliminate stress from your life. Learn breathing and relaxation techniques. Avoid taking on more responsibility than you can handle. Prioritize tasks and take time out to have fun. When you are under a lot of stress, your body releases cortisol. This stress hormone triggers cravings that are hard to control. The fat you gain from these cravings settles in your waistline, within easy access of your liver, which can use it for energy when needed.

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