7 Simple Home Remedies for Lice

5. Salt- Yes, even common salt is very effective in eradicating head lice by the process called as desiccation.

What to do?

Take a quarter cup of common salt.
Mix it with a quarter cup of white vinegar.
Pour this mixture in a hair spray bottle.
Gently spray this solution all over your hair.
Cover your head with a shower cap.
Wait for two hours.
Shampoo and condition the hair.
Repeat this every three days to get positive results.

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6. Coconut oil– The fatty content in the coconut oil causes suffocation for the lice. Also, coconut oil makes it very tough for these parasites to maintain their grip on the hair follicles. Being effective lubricant coconut oil do not allow the adult lice to wander freely and also restricts their growth.

How to use?

Rinse off your hair with apple cider vinegar.
Let your hair dry.
Apply coconut oil to your hair and scalp properly.
Cover your head with a shower cap.
Leave it overnight.
In the morning, comb your hair.
Shampoo your hair as usual.
Repeat this daily for a week or so.

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