7 Simple Home Remedies for Lice

3. Garlic– The firm smell of garlic is hated by most of the insects, bugs, parasites and even lice. The fragrance of garlic causes the lice to suffocate, and ultimately they are killed.

What to do?

Crush 10 to 12 garlic cloves to make a paste.
Add about one and a half tablespoons of lime juice to it.
Mix both the ingredients properly.
Apply this mixture on your scalp evenly.
Leave it for an hour.
Finally, rinse off your hair with hot water.
Repeat this daily for a few days.

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4. Mayonnaise – Popularly used as salad dressing, mayonnaise can also be used for the treatment of lice. It is rich in trans-fats, that renders its viscosity properties. It causes the lice to suffocate and ultimately die.

How to use?

Apply mayonnaise over your scalp liberally.
Use a shower cap cover your hair.
You may also use a towel for this purpose.
Leave it for overnight.
Shampoo your hair in the morning.
By combing your hair, remaining lice are also removed out of it.
Repeat this every alternate day for a week.

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