6 Probiotic Drinks To Improve Digestion & Enhance Immune Function

Probiotics are live bacteria that may be able to help prevent and treat some illnesses. Research into the benefits of probiotics has grown significantly over the last decade as they have surged in popularity.

Did you know that we are more bacteria than cells? and most of those bacteria are located in the gut and intestines. According to Dr Mercola, they are responsible for 80% of our immune function.

Some benefits of probiotics include:

Prevent and treat antibiotic-associated diseases
Promotes healthy cholesterol
Reduce depression and anxiety
Improve digestion
Strengthen immune system

Adding natural probiotic to your diet is one of the best ways to improve your gut health, and this post shares 6 delicious drink recipes that are packed full of probiotics – sounds like a win-win!

This is no ordinary lemonade – here is a healthy lemonade that is packed with probiotics that everyone will love – especially kids.

Probiotics are believed to help maintain a strong immune system and aid in fighting specific illnesses.

This fermented drink cleanses your system to get rid of the bad bacteria that have found their way into your body. It even helps with joint pain, weight control, and several other health issues.



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